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Laser One Pest Management is taking Covid 19 very seriously. For example, our employees are checking their body temperature each day to make sure they are not sick, and prior to entering a customer’s house for pest control, they must wear clean gloves.

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Laser One – Pest Management

With over 25 years of experience in Pest Management, Richard is your go-to guy for pest and rodent control and removal. Laser One is a certified integrated pest management company through Purdue University Entomology Extension. In addition, we are certified in the state of Kansas. As our employees and management undergo continuous training, we ensure that our standards are the highest possible and guarantee safety for our clients.

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Mice and rats can spread disease through droppings, food contamination and dander. They also chew on wood, insulation and sheet rock, causing damage to your home. We can thoroughly inspect your home for openings allowing rodents access to your home. We will seal off access areas, trap any mice or rats in your home, and thoroughly sanitize your home.



Termites damage more that 600,000 homes in the US each year. Damage can be costly as termites will devour wood, paper, and cardboard. While other pests are easily recognizable, termites feast on your home from the inside out, meaning you don't always know they're there. Call today for a free termite inspection. Our effective termite control and extermination can help save and preserve your home and belongings.



Unwanted pests such as spiders, roaches, and ants can cause health problems and allergies as well as damage to your home and property. We use environmentally friendly pest control methods to eliminate pests. Additionally, scheduling regular upkeep can prevent pests from becoming a problem again.



Bedbugs can be very obnoxious. Though they aren't known to carry diseases, but their bites can be very itchy. If you have bedbugs, call Laser One today and let us get rid of them for you. Since bedbugs are brought into the home on clothing, luggage, and furniture, it’s important to check for bedbugs before bringing these items into your home. Talk to Laser One about our suggestions for avoiding bedbugs when you travel.

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