Laser One Pest Management provides Northeast Kansas with a full range of pest control services. Our trained professionals provide extermination services both inside and outside your home to ensure your living and playing spaces are pest free! Additionally, we can treat any type of home or commercial space from single family homes to multi-unit apartments, as well as office buildings, warehouses and restaurants.

The products we use are always environmentally friendly and ensure optimal health for your family and your pets.

Termites can destroy your home from the inside out. Since they reside inside the walls of a home, you may not know that is is happening until too late. Call today for a complete termite inspection.

Termite infested wood plank

Our Top Services


Laser One provides ant extermination services. In addition, our professionals can also inspect your home and offer solutions to prevent ant infestations in the future.


Along with mice, rats and other rodents come diseases that can put your family and pets at risk. Laser One will ensure your safety and get rid of rodents in your home.


If you have concerns about the existence of termites on your property, don't wait. Call Laser One today for a free inspection before they cause unnecessary damage.


Cockroaches often infest kitchens and damp spaces in bathrooms. Trust Laser One to take care of this health risk and rid your home of these disgusting pests.


Whether you encounter poisonous spiders such as black widows or recluses, or other spiders that just don't belong inside, Laser One will ensure a spider-free home.


Bedbugs are notorious for being difficult to rid, but Laser One can do the job – and do it right the first time. If your home is infested with bedbugs, don't wait; call today!