Afraid that parasites may ruin your summertime fun? At Laser One Pest Control in Lawrence, Kansas, we are ready to protect you and your loved ones against bloodthirsty bullies at all times.

In addition to ensuring your comfort and relaxation during the warmer months, mosquito avoidance can help slow the spread of diseases. When a mosquito bites you, its stinging saliva injects a variety of dangerous viruses into your skin that could result in serious illness.

Even though it could seem practically difficult to get rid of these bugs, we can provide you some advice that might convince you otherwise. Since we are a family-owned company, we have been able to assist you in dealing with your insect foes. Through treatments that can prevent mosquitoes from swarming your home, our qualified staff is available to assist protect you and your family.

Are you curious to find out more? Continue reading to learn about clever tactics and how our Lawrence pest control services can give you the advantage.

What We Can Do

Chemical treatments are among the finest ways to get rid of bothersome insects. Excellent choices we provide are:

  • Insecticides that you can apply to your entire yard.
  • Mosquito repellents that keep them out of your region.

When applied, insecticides rapidly kill mosquitoes and their eggs due to their potency. Repellants work more as a prophylactic strategy by persuading pesky parasites that they should stay away from your house. Both approaches are quite successful at reducing the mosquito population in your area.